Product Description

Origin?: ?Austria? ?

Wood?: ?Fir? / ?Apruce? ?

Permissible Modulus M : ?5,0? ?KNM?

Permissible Shearing Force Q? : ?11,0? ?KN

Geometrical Moment of Inertia JX? : ?4613? ?cm4? ?

Beam Weight?: ?5kg/m

Available Lenght? : (?in cm?)  1.30/1.45/1.90/2.45/2.90/3.30/3.60/3.90/4.50/4.90/5.90? ?

  • The chords are made of one layer of high-quality wood and have a very smooth surface?.
  • The web are made of 3-ply wood panel which ensure high carrying capacity for continious use?.
  • ?H2o beams are made of high-quality fir and spruce wood? , ?completely waterproofed and made for continous use because it’s covered of water repellent colour glaze?.
  • ?One of the most important advantage? ?is the flexibility in length on the site?.?